Principal Jackie Parks to Lead VT Students and Teachers to China - December 10, 2018

Principal of Williston Central School, Jackie Parks, leads a delegation of Vermont students and teachers from Williston, Mater Christia, Essex High School and the Bennington Rutland Supervisory union this spring. 

Eight Days in China: A Principal’s Reflection, John Tague, Bellows Free Academy - December 7, 2018

John Tague, Principal at Bellows Free Academy, and part of the joint Spiral International FWSU-CVU delegation led by FWSU’s Ned Kirsch last month, reflects on the China trip’s impact on himself, his school, his district, and the entire greater Vermont area.


Building Bridges: BFA Fairfax and Beijing Foreign Studies University - December 3, 2018

The two sides conducted friendly exchanges and reached a memorandum on the establishment of a friendly and cooperative school.

CVU's Katherine Riley Returns From China - December 1, 2018

"The trip provided an authentic China experience for us."

BFA Students Return From China Learning Experience - November 26, 2018

Students and staff were very warmly welcomed to each school. We were invited to participate in  round table discussions with administration, morning exercises, flag raising and traditional fan dance ceremonies, dance lessons, paper cutting, kung fu, and a friendly basketball match all before lunch on Monday!

A VT Principal In Xi Jin Ping's Court: Jeff Maher - Da Qiao - “One Big Bridge-Builder” - November 6, 2018

"What I do know something about is international education. For the last 36 years I have pursued inter-cultural understanding and promoted inter-cultural education as a history teacher, department chair, director of curriculum, instruction, & assessment, high school principal, technical center director, and currently, over the last two years, at Xiangjiang International High School.

Via XJ HS, Guangzhou, China: BFA Fairfax Visits Our School! - November 5, 2018

"They returned to our school after the experience of the one - year student exchange and they became the backbone and model of learning, community organization, and foreign exchange." 

FWSU Superintendent Ned Kirsch to Lead Spiral Delegation Across China in Nov. 2018 - November 1, 2018

FWSU Superintendent Ned Kirsch will lead a joint FWSU/CVU delegation to China this month in an effort to form new international relationships with schools in mainland China.

Go East, Young Wo/men! - October 31, 2018

BFA Fairfax's Sara Villeneuve leads a group of students on a Journey to the East 

by Trevor Burke

(This is Part One of a 2-part series. Look for Part Two after Sara's groups' return next month.)

Putting fears of spicy food and germy public places aside, ten students and two teachers from Bellows Free Academy have boarded a plane and headed East (from left to right, row one: group leaders Emily Cogan-Nieckarz & Sara Villeneuve; row two: BFA students Sage DeCell, Ling Bushey, Laurel Samson, Mahlia Parsons, Cale Santee, Nathan Langlois, Emma Rainville and Abigail Pease; back: Spiral International's International Programs Coordinator Trevor Burke

SPIRAL, New London Schools Get to Work in Suzhou, China - October 18, 2018

Dr. Emily Guo, President of SPIRAL International was in Suzhou, China visiting the Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School with Mr Louis Allen, Founding Director of Science and Technology Magnet and Director of the Integrated American Diploma Program, Ms. Mirna Martinez, President of the Board of Directors of the New London School District.