SPIRAL's next China History & Culture Tour planned for April 19th to May 1st 2018!

SPIRAL International would like to invite middle and high students, especially those who have participated in SPIRAL summer camps (as well as their parents and other adults!), to join us for a 13-day trip to China from April 19th to May 1st, 2018. We will explore three of China’s most important and fascinating cities, tour its historical monuments and buildings, learn about its education system, spend time with local Shanghai families, and savor a variety of its renowned dishes. The group will be led by three experienced Vermont educators, including Jacqueline Parks, principal of Williston Central School.

Cost of the trip: $3,600

To apply for one of these scholarships, write a 1-page essay telling us about yourself, why you would like to visit China, and why we should give you one of these scholarships, and send it by email to admin@spiralinternational.org by Nov. 10th.

The price includes the round-trip flight to Beijing, hotels, meals, travel within China, entertainment, and travel insurance in China.
The visa application fee is not included.

If you missed the information meeting, contact Michele Hirsch at SPIRAL (802-540-0305 or admin@spiralinternational.org).


SPIRAL’s China History & Culture Tour offers participants a variety of adventures:

  • Exploring traditional Chinese culture and world-famous historic sites in Beijing and Chengdu.
  • Discovering contemporary Chinese society in the high-tech city of Shanghai.
  • Enjoying the unique opportunity of sharing activities with Chinese students and teachers in a Shanghai school.
  • Gaining first-hand experience of typical Chinese life thanks to time spent with local families.
  • And of course, savoring Chinese cuisine, including hotpot and dumplings!  

Tour three major Chinese cities

Beijing – China’s cultural center and national capital for more than 800 years.
We’ll see the awe-inspiring Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, and the world-famous Great Wall.

Chengdu – the capital city of Shu State over 2,000 years ago.
We’ll explore the Giant Panda Center, discover local markets, admire a siheyuan (a traditional Chinese courtyard house), and talk with residents about their daily lives.

Shanghai – modern China’s center of technology, commerce, and international trade.
We’ll visit the City Temple, traditional market places, and a traditional Chinese village.

Discover real life as experienced by Chinese students and families

Chinese education: appreciate the unique opportunity to spend 3 days in a school in Shanghai, working on learning projects with local students, and hearing about history and culture from their teachers.

Chinese families: gain first-hand knowledge of typical Chinese life thanks to a variety of activities with local families.

And of course, Chinese cuisine, including hotpot and dumplings!  

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