Join us as we explore four of China’s most important and fascinating cities, tour its historical monuments and buildings, and savor its renowned cuisine.

China History & Culture Tour for educators and students

  • Beijing Chongqing Chengdu Shanghai
  • $3,600 (includes air fare)
  • April 15 to 27, 2019
  • Includes 4 days of activities in a Chinese school
  • Teachers are encouraged to apply for professional development funds
  • Scholarships available for students (click here for info)
  • Click for itinerary and trip overview.

China Paths of Spirituality Tour for adults and teens

  • Beijing Chongqing Chengdu Xi’an
  • $3,800 (includes air fare)
  • Mid-April, 2019 (exact dates to be determined)
  • Includes visits to places of worship for five different major religions
  • Click for itinerary and trip overview.

All prices include round-trip international airfare to Beijing, hotel, meals, transportation within China, entertainment, tour guides, and international travel insurance.
Visa application fee not included.
Minimum group size is 15.

Tour Highlights:

Beijing – the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and of course, the Great Wall

Chongqing – home of Hot Pot and other spicy Sichuan dishes

Chengdu – the world-famous Giant Panda Center

Shanghai (educators and students) – modern China’s center of technology and international trade

Xi’an (adults and teens) – the Terracotta Soldiers

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