SPIRAL recruits host families for summer camps as well as for long-term programs lasting a semester or more. The term “family” can include single people or married couples, with or without children, retired or still working. No matter how large or small your family is, you will find hosting to be a unique and unforgettable experience!

Short-Term Hosting during SPIRAL camps

SPIRAL summer camp students usually spend about two weeks with a host family and attending a local camp followed by one week sightseeing in major US cities. These students are between 12 and 17 years old, and they have studied English for up to 8 years. These young people are looking for an opportunity to improve their English and to deepen their understanding of American culture.

If you would like to host one or more summer camp students, click here to complete an application. If you know the site coordinator in charge of organizing the camp in your area, simply send or email the completed application to them. Otherwise, feel free to send it on to SPIRAL headquarters in Burlington, and we will forward it to the site coordinator. 

Before assigning a summer camp student(s) to a host family, SPIRAL site coordinators interview the prospective family in person as well as visiting their home and performing a basic background check. Summer host families agree to treat the student as a member of the family, and include the student in family outings and recreational activities.

The family provides a bed for the student (not a sleeping bag or air mattress on the floor), as well as meals, including a bag lunch on camp days. And the host family should provide or organize transportation for the student to and from the camp, or the camp drop-off point. For more details about host family responsibilities, click here to see the host family agreement form. You can also consult the Summer Host Family Handbook for detailed hosting information and suggestions.