Dawan Group of China

Dawan is a large and diversified company based in the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau region of China. SPIRAL is the sole representative in the U.S. for Dawan’s Great Bay International Education Group, which has operated successful international schools since 2008.

In addition to international schools, Dawan also offers several academic programs through their Preparatory Study Centers located in colleges and universities internationally:
• English Language Learning
• College Preparatory
• International Academic
• Social Services

Dawan has cooperative projects with many colleges and universities in China and overseas. Programs are also available for K-12 schools. The partnership between SPIRAL and Dawan brings these opportunities to US.

For American schools looking to develop international programs, SPIRAL and Dawan can help by building partnerships with Chinese schools at the high school or college level.

Dawan - Great Bay Education Group logo

ESC International in Chongqing, China 

The ESC International Student Exchange works with SPIRAL to provide global citizenship education, facilitate global conversations, and lead educational and cross-cultural experiences. Particularly, we promote the contacts between the Chinese and American people with the aim to better the knowledge of each other’s lifestyles, cultures, and languages, thus build the friendship between the people of both countries.