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Online Chinese Courses

We offer two different online Chinese courses to meet the needs of students of all ages:

Have Fun with Chinese

Have Fun with Chinese is a short enrichment course for small groups of students, aged five through adult. Native Chinese-speaking teachers meet with students live online each week to practice speaking and listening, and to discuss Chinese culture. Students interact, learn a lot, and have fun! Courses in this program can be used as a once-per-week enrichment course for a full school year, a 3-times per week elective for one semester, or a short introductory course.

Have Fun with Chinese I is the first in a series of four 14-session courses. Students learn how to introduce themselves, greet others, and talk about their interests in this introductory course.

  • Real-world vocabulary and language forms are emphasized to meet goals of communication, cultural understanding, and connection to other disciplines.
  • Students ask and answer questions and interact through dialogue, learning games, and short stories. They learn and practice not only “what” to say, but also when, why, and to whom to say it.
  • An interactive and contextual teaching approach helps students retain what they’ve learned and generates interest in continuing their learning.
  • Students learn words and phrases based on topics including food and drink, numbers, family members, and interests. By the end of the course, students should be comfortable conducting a basic dialogue in Chinese about a familiar topic. They will be able to pronounce and recognize common words as well as useful phrases. This course will give them an introduction to the Chinese language and prepare them for further study of the language and culture.
  • We also offer more advanced Have Fun with Chinese courses so students can continue to grow their language skills and understanding of Chinese Culture.

Learn Chinese and Travel to China 

Learn Chinese and Travel to China is a full-year high school level course for which students can earn academic credit. All of our courses are taught by experienced native speakers of Chinese and take place in live online classrooms. It is designed for students who want to learn Mandarin, explore the culture of China, and  have the opportunity to travel there too!

In the Learn Chinese and Travel to China I course:

  • Students spend the first semester learning how to communicate using their Chinese language skills.
  • Along with learning how to talk to others and navigate around the country, they will study Chinese culture and history and do small research projects and presentations about cultural or historical topics that catch their interest.
  • In the second semester, students broaden their study of Chinese language and culture and prepare for a group trip to China, where they can see some cultural highlights, practice their language skills in real-life situations, and meet Chinese students. Due to travel restrictions, our China trips are temporarily on hold. These may be replaced by virtual tours of China; facilitated online exchanges with Chinese high school students; and/or trips to other Chinese-speaking regions.