Exchange program students

Partner School & Exchange Program

Let SPIRAL help your school build a global link with a school in another country with our Partner School & Exchange Program. Schools in the U.S. and China can form a partnership to support each other with cross-cultural professional development, language exchange opportunities, and other collaboration between educators and students. School partnerships may also include short- and long-term exchange, dual-diploma programs, and educational travel.

Benefits include:

  • Development of intercultural understanding and sensitivity, and an appreciation of global perspectives
  • Cross-cultural collaboration and a positive attitude to diversity
  • Enhanced student language learning and communication skills
  • Development of international friendships and networks
  • Increased awareness of different approaches to education

SPIRAL serves as a representative for U.S. schools internationally to recruit tuition-paying exchange students (F-1 visa holders) to study in the U.S. This can be for one semester, one academic year, or multiple years.

For schools that are interested, we can design, plan and develop programs for online and/or in-person educational exchange between students at both schools. This includes study abroad and professional development trainings for teachers.