Partner School Program

SPIRAL builds partner relationships between U.S. schools and schools in other countries to increase the cross-cultural knowledge and skills of students and teachers. With this relationship in place, participating schools can access the following ongoing international education and exchange activities:

  • Immersion Programs: These take place during the school year and are designed to introduce Chinese students to American culture and education. SPIRAL collaborates with partner schools in the U.S. that are interested in hosting small groups of students on their campus. SPIRAL works closely with the host school to support the integration of the visiting students for one or two weeks into the daily flow of the U.S. school. Participating schools receive a grant to support this program.
  • Summer Programs: These are twelve-day programs organized by school coordinators with school peer leaders’ participation. These programs combine English learning and cultural activities specially designed for a group of approximately 30 Chinese students with 2 teachers. During the day, the Chinese students attend pre-planned learning and cultural activities, and in the evenings and on weekends they spend quality time with their host families. The US schools may recruit American students to be a part of the summer camp. Some schools have had success encouraging American student participation by granting community service/elective credit for their summer cultural learning experience. Participating schools receive a grant to support this program.