Designing Solutions for Global Challenges

Course Introduction:
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is the group of academic disciplines that is associated with the most promising economic development opportunities, finding solutions to the great challenges we face as a people, a nation, and a planet (water, food, energy, security, health and healthcare), and the largest number of new jobs. Top universities across the nation have made significant investments in STEM teaching and research facilities to attract the best and brightest students and faculty, to prepare graduates for successful careers, to facilitate new partnerships with industry, and to contribute to the economic development of their region. So critical are STEM graduates to the future of our nation that President Obama has called for 10,000 new STEM graduates every year. Here in Vermont, Governor Shumlin has called for significant growth in the number STEM graduates to fill jobs in the state, to help attract new businesses to Vermont with the promise of talented and well-educated university graduates, and to create new technologies and companies that will create new jobs in the state – in manufacturing, in wind energy, in smart grid technologies, in solar power, in aerospace systems, in biotechnology, in e-commerce, in health-care informatics, and in advanced computing.

Engineering is the application of science to problem solving. Design is the creative expression of knowledge. Engineering Design is an open-discovery art form where the principles of iterative exploration enable us to find solutions to global challenges. Join Vermont and international students in this collaboration between the University of Vermont and the Vermont Center for International Learning and Partnerships. Students will study and interact with students from China and other Asian countries.  Students who choose to use a dual enrollment voucher or pay for college credit will earn 3 UVM credits through the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences in addition to 1 EHS credit for this course. Successful students will also have an opportunity to win scholarships to travel along with the college tour at the end of the program as peer leaders with the international students. This course is an invitation to all students who believe we can find ways to improve the quality of life for people around the world. This course culminates with an engineering showcase to celebrate the power of young minds to improve our world.