USA – China Dual Diploma Program

SPIRAL International is developing a US-China Dual Diploma program which would allow tuition-paying Chinese students to study at and, upon successfully fulfilling graduation requirements, receive a diploma from Vermont public schools.  

The US-China Dual Diploma Program is initiated by SPIRAL International whose aim is to promote international education and exchange between schools of Vermont and China. The US-China Dual Diploma Program will offer a specially-designed curriculum that meets Vermont school academic standards, and validate that offered classes meet the graduation requirements of both Chinese schools and Vermont schools through establishing an articulation agreement.  The program will provide Chinese students with an opportunity to study at Vermont schools for two semesters during the school year, as well as attend two intensive summer programs taught by Vermont teachers.  Upon successful completion of the program, Chinese students will earn a Vermont American High School Diploma, and the participating American students will receive agreed-upon academic credits that contribute to graduation requirements.

We believe that this US-China Dual Diploma Program will benefit Vermont school in four ways: 1) develop high-quality educational experience for cultural competency through curricula activities coherent with existing school academics, 2) create organized international exchange that inspire Vermont students to foster their abilities, aptitude, and disposition to become an empowered workforce in the world affairs, 3) provide opportunities for Vermont school teachers to teach in a classroom of a foreign country and gain a first-hand understanding of different social and cultural environments, which in return will enhance international education in our schools, and 4) utilize Vermont school educational resources to promote American advanced education theory and practice beyond borders. American education has been viewed as the foundation of the country’s democracy and citizenship, and as the educational exemplar for western civilization by many countries, especially China. This proposed dual high school diploma program represents a way for Chinese students to receive an American education with limited time studying abroad while simultaneously offering American students the opportunity to learn about a new culture without traveling afar.