SPIRAL's High School Placement Program places Chinese high school students in American schools in Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. The students study for one semester or an entire school year, and many attend for 2-3 years, resulting in receipt of an American high school diploma and preparing them for attendance at American colleges. During the school year, students live with American host families and often participate in their schools' extracurricular activities, giving them a full American cultural experience. Throughout the year, SPIRAL supports students and their host families by conducting monthly check-ins, holding college planning sessions, facilitating communication between host families and schools, and hosting events for host families and students to gather and share their experiences.


  • Safe and respectful schools and communities for international students to study and live.
  • Organized support throughout the school year.
  • Quarterly academic reports to parents.
  • Optional ESL tutoring services.
  • Optional college tours.
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Comments from the mother of a 9th grader who is spending a semester in Vermont:

Time flies! It's been three months since my daughter arrived in the U.S.  From not accepting the environment to liking it, it's all because Spiral has done a great job to enlighten and help her. I feel that Karen has changed a lot recently. She is learning to respect others, to communicate with others and to manage herself, which are the characteristics that parents want to see. As time goes by and the return date is approaching, Karen is already starting to miss the time in the U.S.  Hopefully she can learn as much as she can to make the exchange period valuable.

Meanwhile, please convey our thanks to the host family: Karen's growing up because of their effort. We thank them for providing such a wonderful and warm house for her. We appreciate all their understanding and love . . . We would love to invite the host family to visit our city, Guangzhou, China. Even though we are from different countries, we all have sincere hearts. Even though we are on the opposite side of the world, the two families will always be best friends.