Online Exchange Brings Students in Taiwan and US Together

Students on opposite sides of the world meet to talk about important issues and have fun!

The SPIRAL team recently organized an online exchange between students at the Center for Global Studies in Norwalk, Connecticut and Ying Hai High School in Tainan, Taiwan.

A large number of students participated, dividing into smaller groups using breakout rooms. This small-group setting let students feel that they were in the same classroom despite being far away. Discussion focused on science and environmental issues including energy, pollution, and climate change. Students also had the chance to share about their favorite foods, music, online games, etc.

Before this live online exchange, students used the Padlet platform to create and share self-introductions.

This opportunity to build relationships and understanding was exciting because students from the Center for Global Studies will visit Ying Hai High School this coming February. This will be part of a Taiwan: History & Culture Tour.

This type of school exchange and travel has many benefits, including promotion of international understanding and language learning. To learn more, please email us at [email protected] or call 802-540-0305.

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