SPIRAL’s Chinese Language Pilot Program a Success

In June, SPIRAL launched an online Chinese Language pilot program that brought international students and teachers together. Over 40 students from the U.S., England and Singapore signed up to participate in SPIRAL’s Have Fun with Chinese program. This pilot program was designed for learners at the very beginning level. Students, working with a team of six Chinese native-speaking teachers in China, Canada and the U.S., have learned basic words, such as name, family members, fruits, numbers and basic conversational phrases through four 30-minute online classes.

The program has received a very positive response from participants. Most of them have expressed an interest in continuing their learning. Because of this success, we will offer additional language classes beginning in mid-July so students can further build their language skills. We will also offer the classes to students with no Chinese language skills at that time. Details about this additional summer offering will be announced soon.

To learn more about how to sign up for these classes, please contact Lauren Chapman at: [email protected]