NLPS Students – Learn Chinese and Travel to China

Students at New London Public Schools (NLPS) in Connecticut are learning Chinese and looking forward to future travel to China. Learn Chinese and Travel to China (LTCT) is a fully remote, credit-bearing course offered by SPIRAL to collaborating schools.

• In LCTC-I the emphasis is on learning and practicing daily conversational dialogues, as well as learning about traditional and contemporary aspects of four Chinese metropolitan cities (Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Xi’an).

LCTC-II is an advanced-level course for students who have successfully finished their first year of instruction. Students continue learning more dialogues and also learn Chinese characters; by the end of the two years of learning, students will be fluently speaking, reading and writing the Chinese Language!

SPIRAL began offering LCTC-I & II to NLPS in Fall 2020. Over the course of three semesters, some students have successfully completed LCTC-I and are now embarking on the second year of their language journey. In Fall 2021, LCTC-I welcomed 12 more new students, and they also look forward to learning Chinese and traveling to China in the near future!

NLPS Learn Chinese and Travel to China online class.

“I’ve learned so much from this course. It’s not only about the language and cultural aspects, it (the course) has helped me to think outside of the box. It’s like I’m traveling around the world, just remotely.” – AG, 11th grade, LCTC-I & II student

“I can understand and read all the lyrics from ‘我要你的爱’(theme song from Crazy Rich Asians)!” – ED, 12th grade, LCTC-I & II student.

“I’ve been looking at colleges that offer Chinese and have study abroad programs. I want to go to China and utilize the language we have learned.” – SR, 12th grade, LCTC-I & II student.