First Group of Dual Diploma Students Receive College Acceptances

The International American Diploma Program offered at Suzhou Industry Park Foreign Language School in Suzhou, China is designed to offer Chinese students a pathway to attendance at a U.S. college or university. Chinese students take courses on an American AP college prep track at their school in Suzhou and then take core courses at an American high school, in this case, the Science and Technology Magnet High School in New London, CT.  In addition to studying the American AP curriculum at their home school, the Suzhou students spend two summers studying at STMHS/New London to improve their English and take core American high school courses.

The goal of the IADP program is for Chinese students to receive an American high school diploma and a diploma from their homes school in China. Suzhou Industry Park Foreign Language School has a relationship with the New London School District, facilitated by SPIRAL, that allows for two way exchanges between the two school districts. One of the fruits of this cross cultural academic exchange is U.S. college acceptances by the participating Chinese students. The three pioneering students received multiple offers from colleges as a result of their preparation in the IADP.

Will, Kila and Peter are the first Chinese students to receive college acceptances in the pilot IADP