Guangzhou's Xiang Jiang School is a private boarding school established in 2008. It is located on Jade-Green Island, about 30 minutes from downtown Guangzhou. The school is currently undertaking accreditation with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges for the Senior High (grades 10-12). Xiang Jiang Secondary School has more than 150 teachers and staff members serving approximately 1,600 middle and high school students. Its campus covers an area of more than 100 acres, with a variety of facilities and advanced equipment.

The Suzhou Industrial Park Foreign Language School is situated in beautiful SIP alongside Jinji Lake, offering kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school and GAC Foundation programs, which are available for both boarding and day students. Both Chinese and foreign students are welcome to attend our school. The school occupies a total area of 50000 square meters, in an elegant environment with complete facilities and a modern flavor. Our strengths include Asian and Western education philosophy and curriculum, bringing advanced education concepts, emphasizing students’ physical and mental health through lifelong learning skills. We are conscious of social needs, insist on featuring foreign languages, have colorful elective courses, extra-curricular club activities, and help students train their ability to become independent, successful, members of the community, able to face the world with confidence. SIP Foreign Language School operates a first class facility and provides a top quality education for all of its students, shaping and cultivation of healthy personality.

Situated in the city of Zhengzhou (pronounced “djung-djaou”) in the Henan province, Zhengzhou Foreign Language Elementary School is located half way between Shanghai and Beijing, and about 300 miles from the coast. This public day school was established in 2014, and employs 80 teachers to instruct over 1,600 students. The campus covers nearly 6 acres, and includes a dance studio, science lab, broadcasting studio, music room, etc. The school has won numerous local and national awards, including the prize for most beautiful campus.