• Have Fun With Chinese!

    Whether you are a beginner embarking on your Chinese language journey or someone looking to further advance their prior learning, the Have Fun With Chinese Program is specifically tailored for you.

  • Online Chinese language course slide

    Online Chinese Courses

    We offer two different online Chinese courses to meet the needs of students of all ages. Have Fun with Chinese is a short enrichment course for small groups of students, aged five through adult. Learn Chinese and Travel to China is a full-year high school level course for which students can earn academic credit. Courses are taught by experienced native speakers of Chinese and take place in live online classrooms.

  • Educational travel group at Great Wall China

    Educational Travel

    We help educators design customized tours to destinations in Chinese-speaking countries, as well as Kenya. Trips, that can include service learning, are focused on the educational goals of travelers.

  • Have Fun with Chinese Kites Summer Camp 2

    Chinese Language and Culture Camps

    For schools and organizations running summer camps, SPIRAL International offers Chinese Language and Culture programming using an online-offline hybrid model. We also offer a fully virtual daily summer session for students at home. Programs are facilitated by experienced teachers and emphasize participation and experiential learning.

  • Chinese language teacher

    Teachers of Critical Languages Program (TCLP)

    Schools can host a fully-funded Arabic or Chinese teacher for 1-2 years, with additional partially-funded programs for up to 5 years. This program is open to any primary or secondary school, public or private.

  • Exchange program students

    Partner School & Exchange Program

    SPIRAL works with schools to develop and implement meaningful and long-term partnerships with schools in other countries. With this relationship in place, participating schools can access ongoing international education and exchange activities.

  • Afterschool Chinese Club

    Add a Chinese Club to your extracurricular club offerings by partnering with SPIRAL International. We provide cultural activities and live, online Mandarin instruction, as well as support from our staff. Chinese Club can be run with a faculty advisor or community volunteer (no knowledge of Chinese necessary!) and activities can be tailored to your school’s schedule and needs.