A.G. – High School Student from NLPS – Learn Chinese and Travel to China I & II

“I’ve learned so much from this course. It’s not only about the language and cultural aspects, it (the course) has helped me to think outside of the box. It’s like I’m traveling around the world, just remotely.”

Sharon and Steve K. – Adult Learners – Online Chinese Language Program

“My husband and I recently completed Have Fun with Chinese level 1 and have really enjoyed our weekly Zoom classes with our teacher! As older ‘students’, we were nervous about learning a new language, but found the lessons to be fun and our teacher to be very supportive, patient, and encouraging. We appreciated the flexibility to choose a class time that worked for our schedules and the virtual live lessons allowed us to get immediate feedback and to get help with our pronunciation and tone as we learned. Each week began with a review of what we learned last week, and then we dove into a new subject such as greetings, family, food, transportation etc., practicing individual words and sentences that built on the prior learning. We are so glad we took the course and look forward to learning more!”

S.R. – High School Student from NLPS – Learn Chinese and Travel to China I & II

“I’ve been looking at colleges that offer Chinese and have study abroad programs. I want to go to China and utilize the language we have learned.”

Timothy Enos – Asst. Dir. Of Magnet Pathways, IB Programming and Operations – NLPS, CT

“SPIRAL International has been paramount in our district’s focus on developing international and multi-cultural education. SPIRAL has facilitated our high school dual-enrollment IB/AP program with our sister school in Suzhou, China which has graduated over thirty students with both Chinese and US high school diplomas; SPIRAL continues to be the “bridge” connecting our two schools. As our district continues to grow our Chinese Language and Culture programming and based on the success we have had in our interactions with SPIRAL International, it was a hand-to-glove fit to work with them on developing multiple levels of Chinese Language and Culture programming at our high school. SPIRAL was able to develop a program catered to our specific student’s needs including measurable outcomes, a curriculum, various resources, and SPIRAL staff to teach the courses. As we move into next year, we are now developing a Language and Cultural exchange trip through SPIRAL International to bring up to twenty students to China for a two-week experience that they will never forget. SPIRAL International has been helpful, reliable, and central to our district being able to provide more robust programming for our students.”

E.D. – High School Student from NLPS – Learn Chinese and Travel to China I & II

“I can understand and read all the lyrics from ‘我要你的爱’ (theme song from Crazy Rich Asians)!”

Heatherly Allard – International Admissions Specialist from Vermont – Online Chinese Language Program

“Rice Memorial High School has embarked in a partnership with SPIRAL International by providing students with enrichment opportunities in beginner and intermediate Chinese language programs. We are delighted with the quality of courses provided!”

Stacey R. – High School Student from Connecticut – Online Chinese Language Program

“I love language because is interesting how humans can create a whole new language and other people can learn it. Knowing more than one or two languages is a big opportunity to be successful in life. That is personally the reason why I joined this new class, and I do not regret it because I feel like I have learned a lot in less than one or two months taking this new class. Every teacher is nice and understanding on how difficult can be learn a whole new language. My goal is to learn more every day to be able to travel to China someday. I love the language and cultural class because I learn new things every day and is fun to listen to. I would love to take this class again next year and have the same teachers. Thank you, a lot, for this opportunity.”

Bridget H. – High School Student from Connecticut – Online Chinese Language Program

“SPIRAL International offers great help with learning Chinese. I decided to try out their pilot program in the summer and it really helped me know where to start learning the language and now I continue to learn through their program. The teachers are friendly and very knowledgeable whether it be in regard to the language or culture! Learning with them is an opportunity that is worth it!”

Michael Susi – High School Principal – East Lyme High School, CT

Lauren Samson – High School Student from Vermont – Summer Adventure Learning Camp & China Trip

This past summer I was an ambassador for our school’s cultural exchange program and I went to China through your program… I had an amazing time in China. I still wish I was there. The trip made me want to look into Asian studies as a future college major and potentially become an English teacher in another country like China.

Mei Chengran – Student from Chongqing, China – Summer Adventure Learning Camp

“It’s interesting. It’s really different from our city. The beauty is different.” 

Jaylene N. – High School Student from Connecticut – Online Chinese Language Program

“I would definitely recommend this Chinese class to everyone. The teachers are so delightful, caring, and respectful towards each other and the students. I feel comfortable sharing my opinions and thoughts during class which is extremely rare for me. Learning Chinese is helping me with understanding some of the shows that I watch that are in Chinese. Sometimes I hear words and I’m like “Oh yeah, we learned that yesterday!” I like how we have both language and culture class two days a week so we can not only learn the language but also the culture of China! The homework helps me stay on track and better my pronunciation without becoming overwhelming. I genuinely enjoy this class and I get excited every time the period starts!”

Du Yuchen – Student from Chongqing, China – Summer Adventure Learning Camp

“When I came to here, I thought the American people are really friendly and kind. My host family was really good to us.” 

Ethan Fielder – High School Student from Vermont – Summer Adventure Learning Camp

Before the Chinese students came, I thought they were going to be totally different because they live in a different part of the world. But once you have the experience where two students actually get to stay with you, you have a whole different perspective on what it’s actually like because you realize that we all live as one. We’re all just like one people..

Host Family – Vermont – Summer Adventure Learning Camp Vermont

“We considered the visit [from the Chinese students] the highlight of our summer. A truly wonderful experience for my husband, my 15-year-old son, and myself.”

Caroline Murray – High School Student from Vermont – Summer Adventure Learning Camp

I absolutely loved seeing sites like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, but my favorite experience was being in the school where I most got to interact with the students… I felt like we could overcome the barrier of language and really connect.