Afterschool Chinese Club

Afterschool Chinese Club is a fun exploration of Chinese culture and language that exposes students to topics and ideas outside of their regular classes and gives them an opportunity to learn about their peers in Asia. This extra-curricular program integrates online instruction with offline facilitation.

  • Clubs meet weekly and can be scheduled to run for a half-semester, full-semester, or full academic year.
  • Students interact with their online instructors and each other in their study of Chinese language and aspects of culture.
  • A school-assigned facilitator is present to assist with classroom management and to learn alongside the students.

Language classes are fun, useful, and independent of each other. Students are not required to attend each session. Cultural activities are interactive and may cover topics such as Chinese arts, games, music, and food. Once or twice per semester, an in-person guest expert will visit the club to conduct special cultural activities.

School facilitators can gain skills and earn professional development credits, as well as have the opportunity to participate in a student/educator trip to China in the future. No knowledge of Chinese is required for facilitators! SPIRAL will provide class plans, a required materials list, and online instruction, as well as training and support for facilitators.