New Service-Learning Program this Summer: American Students Travel to China!

American students have an immersive educational service-learning experience at Chinese schools through English teaching and American culture-sharing activities — both in and out of the classroom. These educational service-learning activities deepen the US students’ knowledge and understanding of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese contemporary society, Chinese education, and Chinese ways of thinking and living. The American students will be part of the learning environment of a Chinese school, providing instructional support to Chinese teachers of English in their classrooms, and practicing English with Chinese students. Teaching others will help students strengthen their own learning. By observing the Chinese teachers, the American students will also learn specialized instructional strategies, as well as classroom management techniques.

  • TERM I: JUNE 11-JULY 5 , 2024
  • TERM II: JULY 9-AUGUST 2, 2024

These service-learning trips are offered by SPIRAL in partnership with the Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange.

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